Preventing cruelty to animals

“It’s unacceptable for egg-laying hens, breeding pigs and veal calves to be prevented from lying down, standing up, extending their limbs or turning around freely. That’s why we’re calling for compliance with this modest animal welfare standard.”

-Carter Luke, CEO of the Massachusetts SPCA

“From a humane standpoint, the argument in favor of Question 3 is indisputable.”

-Spingfield Republican

More than 500 Massachusetts veterinarians and counting have endorsed YES! on Question 3. They know that extensive science shows that chickens, pigs and cows are highly intelligent and social animals, and they suffer enormously when confined in cramped cages. However, current Massachusetts law allows them to be essentially immobilized for virtually their entire lives.

These animals suffer from atrophied muscles and brittle bones. They’re deprived of painkillers or individual veterinary care. They also suffer from weakened immune systems, leaving them more susceptible to respiratory illnesses and disease. In addition, the lack of mental stimulation and social interaction causes severe mental distress.

Ten other states have already passed laws protecting at least some farm animals from this nightmarish cruelty—it’s time for the Bay State to become the eleventh.

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